A SYNOP interface for the W41 & W51 Wavecom Decoders


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    W4xSynop: This utility has been designed to get a Synop baudot stream decoded by using our Synop Decoder Active/X. It runs either with the W40PC, W41PC or W51PC Wavecom cards but has only been tested (local and remote connections) with the W40PC card.


    Run the utility and select the 'Config' button to set the Wavecom card parameters.
    Set the required parameters and then use the 'Search' button to automatically find the installed cards. Save the configuration and use the 'Connect' button to get the selected card output stream. The decoder setting will be displayed.
    If it must be changed, you will have to first use the Wavecom client then to save the setting by using the 'Save' button. This setting will be later reloaded through the 'Load' button even when the client is not running. It includes mode, speed, carrier, shift, input, level and many other decoder parameters.

    When running this utility in the 'remote' configuration, the server parameters have to be registered on the client side. The best way to get them registered will be to install the Wavecom W40 or W51 application on that client.

    Setting a running DCOM configuration is not an easy thing. Microsoft had published a lot of technical notes that can be read in case the connection returns an error. Take care that error N70 can be linked to either a server authentication issue or a client one as the later uses a 'callback' mechanism to get decoded data.


    W4xPC Synop decoder (Synop screen not show)
    Setting the W4xPC parameter

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