How to listen to our receivers


Some of our receivers are powered up 24h a day with their audio ouput connected to sound cards that are fitted in a dedicated PC appliance. These audio cards are managed by our RxIAX software that provides IAX access to the audio lines.

We setup one RxIAX instance per sound card using the auto-call facility. This allows each instance to automatically connect to our Asterisk server and join a receiver dedicated conference room through a 'talker only' extension number. That way everybody may listen to the receiver by using a common 'listen only' extension number.

People who wish to try this functionality - for test purpose only - are allowed to connect with an IAX (Soft)Phone - we don't allow SIP access at that time - by dialing the requested receiver extension number. A 'guest' account is opened on the '' server for that purpose.
You can use free softphones such as 'iaxcomm' or 'idefisk'.

Here are the extension numbers that can be dial:
9901TRC243HF3733KhzEasypal HAM DRM
9903TRC394HF5450KhzRAF Volmet

Frequency and/or receiver allocation may change.

Please, keep in mind that this service is provided for testing purpose only. My ADSL bandwidth is not high enough to allow the whole world use it. Access is logged and could be shutdown in case of abuse. Be reasonable and don't misuse this service and its Internet access.

Last revision: 2008/11/30