TTY Terminal Software


  • TTY Terminal Software V1.5.5 (Full distribution)  All the required files and the setup program
  • TTY Terminal Software V1.5.5 (Light distribution)  Only the application files.
  • ChangeLog  Changes made in the last version

  • The 'lite' distribution requires you manually register the DLL by using the 'regsvr32 WeatherCtl.dll' and 'regsvr32 WeatherDll.dll' commands if you want to decode 'SYNOP' messages. You may also have to download some common generic Microsoft components.


    This software allows your PC to act as a serial terminal and to display the data send by any external digital decoder or modem.

    It allows to:
    - Connect through any local serial port (COM1 to COM8),
    - Display and save decoded data to a file,
    - Start/End of message detection,
    - Line timestamping,
    - Search for up to 10 patterns or words to be highlighted,
    - Detect transmission restarting after an inactivity period,
    - Paste selected data to any external application defined by its caption name,
    - Decode Synop transmission if our Synop Decoder Active/X has been installed,
    - Run more than one instance,
    - Send data.
    The serial line can be fully configured:
    - 5bits (Telex mode) or 7/8bits (Ascii mode) wide data,
    - 45.5, 50, 75, 100, 110, 135, 150, 200, 300, 600 and 1200 Bauds,
    - 1, 1.5, 2 stop bits.

    When run in 'Telex' mode, user can select:
    - ITA2 or TELEX alphabet,
    - CR/LF specific processing,
    - Normal, Unshift on Space, Force Figures, Force Letter modes,

    This application has been written in Visual Basic language.


    If more than one instance of this application is needed, a key name must be set as a line parameter.
    For example:
    - "TTYTerm.exe Decoder1" will run one instance that be configured to use one serial port,
    - "TTYTerm.exe Decoder2" will run one instance that be configured to use another serial port.

    The 'TTYTerm.exe' can be launch with the 'KeyName -clean' line parameter to clean the registry keys and values related to the 'KeyName' Instance.


    TTYTerm main screen
    TTYTerm configuration screen

    Additional Notes

    On some systems using additional PCI serial boards, characters may be received by N characters blocs rather than one by one. This issue can be solved by setting the related serial driver buffering to one character. Don't forget to restart your system.

    The SYNOP decoding function can be disabled by unregistering the 'WeatherCtl.dll'. To do that, use the 'regsvr32 /u WeatherCtl.dll' command under the installation directory.

    Last revision: 2012/03/11

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