Technical data

The TRC-394B is the CSF reference for an HF solid-state receveir used by the french army but also aboard french vessels. This model has been designed around 1978.

Here are its technical specifications (detailed specifications here):
- Receiving mode:
AM,USB,LSB,CW,TTY (ISB optional) - Sensivity: [for (S+B)/B = 10dB]
<0.4uV BLU, <2.5uV AM. - Frequency coverage:
12 fixed frequencies from 400Khz to 30Mhz - Double conversion design:
1st FI: 67.5MHz, 2nd FI: 1.5Mhz. - Filters:
3Khz AM,USB,LSB, 1Khz F1, 250Hz CW (800Hz optional). - BFO:
1Khz Fixed, Tunable from 500 to 2000Hz.
This receiver uses CD4xxx CMOS technology ICs for the logical part, BF247B and 3N187 FET transistors for the HF stage and U6A775-7312, SL621, MC1350, TBA790 for the IF stage and TBA810S for the audio.

Most units are fitted with hardwired memory boards but last units are using a static RAM memory board to store the twelve fixed frequencies.

The TRC-394A is the same design but includes a VFO.
The TRC-394C is the latest design that offers far better performances and functionnalities.


Front viewRear view
Upper viewUnder view

Last revision: 09/11/2007