Technical data

The TRC-394C is the CSF reference of the last version of the TRC394 HF receivers family. This model has been designed in the mid 80's.

Here are its technical specifications (detailed specifications here):
- Receiving mode:
AM,USB,LSB,CW,TTY (ISB optional) - Sensivity: [for (S+B)/B = 10dB]
<0.4uV BLU, <2.5uV AM. - Frequency coverage:
Continuous 10Hz tunable from 60Khz to 30Mhz - Double conversion design:
1st FI: 67.5MHz, 2nd FI: 1.5Mhz. - Filters:
3Khz AM,USB,LSB, 1Khz F1, 250Hz CW (400,800 or 1400Hz optional). - BFO:
1Khz Fixed, Tunable from 500 to 2000Hz. _ Memory:
30 channels.
This receiver uses CD4xxx CMOS technology ICs for the logical part,BF247B and 3N187 FET transistors for the HF stage and U6A775-7312, SL621, MC1350, TBA790 for the IF stage and TBA810S for the audio.

It differs from the TRC-394A/B previous designs on the following points:
- 30 channel memories,
- 60Khz lowest frequency,
- IF rejector (optional),
- Tunable +/- 3000hz BFO (optional),
- Tunable +/- 50Hz receiving frequency,
- Dedicated LSB and USB filters,
- Additional IF 1.5Mhz filter stage,
- Remote control using dedicated IO bus,
- First & Second LO output,
- 1.5Mhz IF output,
- Record relay switch.


Front view
Rear view
Upper view
Under view

Last revision: 02/05/2004