Technical data

The TRC294A VHF solid-state receiver was designed by Thomson CSF as a 20-120Mhz monitoring unit.
Its coverage can be extended to 500MHz through the use of the TRC2919 120-500Mhz expander.
It offers Phi/F3/A3 demodulation with 12/25/50/300Khz bandwidth. Options add A1/A3J+/A3J- with fixed 3Khz bandwith.
This TRC294 evolution includes an alphanumeric dispay and a new CPU card which gives more computing power.
This allows new functionnalities to be embedded such as 100 permanent memories, scanning and remote control.
With the right firmware, this receiver is able to act as a 'master station' sending data - monitored frequency or gonio data - via a central computer (Mitra 15) to 'slave stations' that will process these data.

Minor changes were made to the front face from the previous model, TRC294.
It exhibits the same tantalum issues than its predecessor.
Note that the TRC3941 - Display unit for the TRC394C HF receiver - shares the same mecanical crate design.
This may came from the fact it was designed at the same time than the TRC294 Display unit (TRC2941)


TRC294A - Front
TRC294A - Rear
TRC294A - Up
TRC294A- Display TRC294 - Display
TRC294A - 1Khz TRC294A - 10Hz

TRC2919 - Front
TRC2919 - Rear
TRC2919 - Up

Signal analysis with the TRC2941
FI analysis Same on full band

Zoom on one part Zoom on another part

Two full bands Same with zoom on one band

Cards from the TRC294A
GEC101 GEC102
GEC103 GEC106
GEC108 GEC109
GEC110 GEC114
GEC120 GEC121
GEC122 GEC122B
GEC130 GEC131A
GEC122A (home made)

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