The R&S HE-015 active antenna

Technical data

The HE-015 HF active antenna is part of the next HE series which includes:
- HE-010 Vertical active antenna
- HE-011 Horizontal active antenna
- HE-015 1x HE-001 + 2 x HE-015 with only one output through an 90 coupler

Power supply voltage differs between the two modules:
- HE-010 24 Volts
- HE-011 18 Volts

Schematics can be seen here:
- HE-010 schematics
- HE-011 schematics (same as the HE-002)


HE-011 modules upHE-011 modules down
HE-010 module upHE-010 module down
All pieces together
HE-011 Measurement
HE-011 power offHE-011 poweron
HE-010 Measurement
Measurement setup

Last revision: 30/12/2017