Generic Receiver Active/X Control Software


  • Generic Receiver Active/X Control V1.3.5.1 [NRD535,RA6790,RA1792,TRC243,TRC241,TRC294,T264,EK085,HF2050] UPDATED 2016/02/28
      Take care that this version is no more compatible with the previous 1.1 ones !
  • Visual Basic 6 test sample sources
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    This Active/X control requires you manually register it by using the 'regsvr32 ReceiverCtl.dll'. You may also have to download some common generic Microsoft components such as MsComm32.ocx and MsWinSck.ocx.

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    This Active/X control implements a generic set of control functions and event notifications that can be used to handle any receiver serial remote control protocol.
    It allows to:
    - Connect through any local serial port (COM1 to COM12) or through TCP/IP to RS232 connection,
    - Drive up to 8 receivers selected in the following supported receivers list:
       NRD535, RA6790, RA1792, HF2050 (using the GPIB/RS232 converter) and EK085, TRC241, TRC243, TRC294, EK085 (on request),
    - Drive the main receivers control commands such as frequency, mode, filters and so on,
    - Send notification on any setting changes from any configured receiver,
    - Can forward any change made on master receiver to all other slave receivers,
    - Get the HF level in dBuV, 'S' Point or native value (excepted for the RA1792/RA6790/EK085 that doesn't support this).

    This application has been written in Visual C++ language.

    Programming Interface

    Here is the V1.3.4.1 Help files 


    Testing application Screen shot
    Some views of RxControl, a VB application using this control
    The following foreground windows are automatically handled by the control

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