A Serial to GPIB RA-1792 converter


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  • Pic16F76 binary (HEX file)

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  • Pic16F876A binary (HEX file)

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  • Win32 remote control software

  • Any TTY terminal can be used but also the next version of our RxControl Software
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    This device has been designed to allow the RACAL RA-1792 fitted with the A6A1 GPIB optional card to be remotely controlled from any 19200 bds serial link. In order to keep the design as small as possible, the PIC 16F76 or 16F876A is used without any line buffer IC.

    The following commands are implemented in the prototype:

    - "D\r\n" L: Set debug on
    - "V\r\n" V: Set verbose on
    - "?\r\n" ?: Return software version, set debug and verbose modes off
    - "R\r\n" R:Reset GPIB Bus and related tasks
    - "S\r\n" S:Scan GPIB Bus and print active receiver address

    RACAL Related   ('nn' stands for the receiver GPIB address with 01 <= nn <= 30)
      PC to receiver (listener mode)
    - "$nnP\r\n" P: Set auto polling mode and local cache for retreived receiver parameters
    - "$nnL\r\n" L: Set Local mode (only for G and T talker commands)
    - "$nnR\r\n" R: Set Remote mode (needed for all listener commands)
    - "$nnFxx.xxxxxx\r\n" F: Set frequency to xx.xxxxxxx Mhz
    - "$nnDx\r\n" D: Set Mode (AM:1, FM:2, CW:3, ISB:4, LSB:5, USB:6)
    - "$nnIx\r\n" I: Set Filter (300Hz:1, 1KHz:2, 3KHz:3, 6KHz: 4, 16KHz:5)
    - "$nnMxxx\r\n" M: Set AGC (Short:1, Med:2, Long:3, Man:4, ShortMan:5, MedMan:6, LongMan:7)
    - "$nnBx.xx\r\n" B: Set BFO (from -8.00 to 8.00)
    - "$nnAxxx\r\n" A: Set Attenuator (from 000 (min.) to 150 (max.))
    - "$nnXxx\r\n" X: Run BITE xx test

      Receiver to PC (talker mode)
    - "$nnG\r\n" G: Retrieve all the receiver parameters
    - "$nnTx\r\n" T: Retrieve the x receiver parameter (F,D,I,M,B,A,X)
    The talker 'TR' command (Retrieve RF Level filtering) seems to not be handled by my PROM version.
    The longuest talker exchange (G command) takes between 60 and 83ms to run. This includes the GPIB and the RS232 data transfer (30 chars that is 30ms).

    Keep in mind that this device is not fully compliant with IEEE-488 part 1 and 2 standards. It has been designed to only handle racal 1792 required bus lines as a GPIB controller. It may handle more than one IEEE listener/talker device but this had never be tested.


    The converter prototype under test
    Prototype & Final Design The converter installed on the racal

    Power is taken from the AF Ouput connector.
    Monitor line output is also available.

    Full view

    Last revision: 09/01/2005