RaspTTY: WEB to TTY Interface


I started this project with the idea of giving a new life to my good old teletype machines.
The 'RTTY.com' site operates an interesting AFSK modulation streaming service which can demodulated by any TU (Terminal Unit).
However this requires to connect the audio line of your computer to a TU equipment in order to be able to decode and print the news feed.
Another way would be to directly connects to the telegraphic interface - RON signal - and use the teletype as a teleprinter.

I wanted to find the best of breed with a stand alone unit that would able either to play the 'iTTY' stream or to process a WEB page.
Small units ARM are now available of which the 'Rapsberry PI Zero' that can do the trick.

First version was developped with a minimal python software ran as daemon which allows for getting news from WEB or from the iTTY stream and send them to the teleprinter.
More details here.

Next version includes a set of python utilities which allows for sending and receiving data through the serial or audio channel.
More details here.

Everything is contained in a small case which exposes:
- a telegraphic interface,
- an audio output,
- a 5V power supply jack,
- two LEDs for the trafic activity display,
- one LED for the processing activity,
- two buttons.

A switch button allows for selecting one of the two configured services.


RPI Hat details
Output Sample


Internet News - Sagem SPE5 printing

Internet News - Sagem SPE5 printing

iTTY Stream - Sound output

iTTY Stream - MPC-1000 demodulation

iTTY Stream - MPC-1000 demodulation, Sagem SPE5 printing

Last revision: 06/10/2017