A GPIB controller for the R&S GX500D Unit


The R&S GX500D unit controls up to 8 VHF/UHF receivers that will monitor a single frequency each. These receivers are called 'hand-off' receivers.
The GX500D can be configured through an HPIB interface using either an ESM500 receiver or a dedicated PCA unit.

I first wrote a PC application to communicate with this unit and test the receivers.
Then I designed a stand-alone controller that will let be manage them without any other equipment.
This controller includes an audio amplifier and a 1 of 8 input selector to output the receivers IF to a EZP panoramic display.

This controller makes use of:
- an Arduino Mega 2650 board that drives the GPIB communication bus, the LCD display, the keyboard input, the IF selector and the audio mixer,
- a graphic LCD which display all receivers parameters on 8 lines, one for each receiver,
- a rotary encoder to tune the receiver frequency or selected parameters
, - a 4x5 keyboard to configure the receivers,
- a 8 relays board to select the IF input to be send to the panoramic display,
- an audio mixer using two MCP4362 digital-pot and a stereo audio amplifier with a 4 receivers bank to each output line.

It works very well however the design will have to be modified to:
- get a better audio restitution,
- reduce the picked up noise on the IF selection.


GX500D, ESM5xx Receivers, EZP and controller
GX500D Controller Front and Rear face
GX500D Controller Inside view/I>
GX500D Controller Display
GX500D Controller Screens

Last revision: 05/04/2015