R&S GX500D Remote Control Software


  • GX500D Control Software V0.5.3  All the required files and the setup program

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    This software allows your PC to control the R&S HPIB GX500D Control Unit and the 8 related slave VHF/UHF receivers.
    It requires the Prologix USB converter or a GPIB card and the GPIB National Instrument drivers installed on the control system.


    Run the application and select the 'Config' button to set the GPIB parameters then check for every cassette using the related 'Check' buttons.
    The 'GX500D.exe' can be launch with the '-clean' line parameter to clean the registry related keys and values.


    GX500D and related Hand-Off Receivers from the R&S catalog

    Screen shot of the GX500D Application

    Last revision: 2014/03/30