A WireShark dissector package for the Wavecom Protocol


  • WireShark dissector package V1.2
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    This package contains the WireShark Network Analyser dissectors that allow the Wavecom protocol analysis.


    To use this package, the three included files (dynamic loaded libraries) must be copied under the 'plugins' Wireshark directory.
    The application will then have to be restarted to load these new dissectors.

    These dissectors are tied to the dedicated Wavecom TCP ports:
    - TCP:33233 for the Graphical Interface protocol
    - TCP:33234 for the XML protocol
    - TCP:33235 for the Service protocol

    At the present time, the XML protocol is fully dissected provided the encryption and compression options are not set. Both the other protocols are partially decoded as their specification is not publicly available.

    For more information about these protocoles, have a look to the Wavecom site and the "Remote Control Interface V1.1" SDK document.

    Our Wavecom dissector structures are defined in this document.


    A view of the Wavecom WireShark dissector
    Another view of the Wavecom WireShark dissector

    Last revision: 2009/07/13

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