A SYNOP interface for the W61 Wavecom Decoders


  • W6x Synop decoder Software V1.2.0 (Full distribution) UPDATED 2008/02/04
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    W6xSynop: This utility has been designed to get a Synop baudot stream decoded by using our Synop Decoder Active/X. It runs with the W61PC using the Wavecom client XML protocol.


    Run the utility and select the 'Config' button to set the Wavecom card parameters.
    Set the required parameters and then use the 'Search' button to automatically find the installed cards. Save the configuration and use the 'Connect' button to get the selected card output stream. The decoder setting will be displayed.
    The decoder setting can either be configured through the Wavecom client or by using the 'auto' button. Some parameters - speed and shift - can be selected by a click on the related status bar panel.


    W6xPC Synop decoder (Synop screen not show)
    Setting the W6xPC parameter

    Last revision: 2008/02/04

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