An external RDS module for the W61 Wavecom Decoders


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    W6xRDS: This utility has been designed to decode the RDS data stream that has been collected in a file or by using the WAVECOM card in the Bitstream output mode (licence required). It works the same way than the Wavecom ALF-RDS internal module while handling more RDS information.


    Run the utility and select the 'file' option to read data from a file or the 'Wavecom' to get it from the WAVECOM card.
    In that case, set the required parameters and then use the 'Search' button to automatically find the installed cards.
    Tune to an FM station and use the 'OK' button to get the selected card output stream.

    The RDS signal uses a 57Khz subcarrier that is filtered by the audio amplifier so the WAVECOM input has to be connected somewhere between the FM demodulator and the audio amplifier. Some professional receivers output a usable demodulated wide band signal on the video output. Take care that this is a high level output and you will have to setup the WAVECOM attenuator accordingly.


    W6xPC RDS decoder running from file

    Last revision: 2008/02/27

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