An ACARS DDE Server for the W61 Wavecom Decoders


  • W6x Acars DDE server Software V2.1.0 (Full distribution) UPDATED 2011/05/28
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    W6xAcars: This utility has been designed to allow ACARS data to be send to third party applications that connect to the data source by using DDE such as PosFix.


    Run the utility and select the 'Config' button to set the Wavecom card parameters.
    Set the required parameters and then use the 'Search' button to automatically find the installed cards. Save the configuration and use the 'Connect' button to get the selected card output stream.
    The decoder will be set to the ACARS mode and the data displayed.
    ACARS data could also be accessed in real time through the 'W6xAcars|ACARS|LiveData' DDE link. Data will be sent using the ANAD format.
    Starting with version 1.3.0, a few messages are decoded together with the main European airports name (see pictures below).
    Now, with version 2.1.0, data are held and messages stored in a SQLite (registry parameter 'database'=1, default) or JET (registry parameter 'database'=2) database.
    SQLite mode uses the wonderful 'dhSQLite' wrapper from Datenhaus GmbH.


    Latest version with database activated

    Setting the W6xPC parameter W6xPC Acars decoder
    PosFix application connected

    Sample of decoded messages

    Last revision: 2011/05/23