Technical data

The TRC-243 is the CSF reference for an HF solid-state receiver used by the french army. This model has been designed around 1986.

Here are its technical specifications (detailed specifications here):
- Receiving mode:
AM,USB,LSB,CW,FSK,FM (ISB optional) - Sensivity: [for (S+B)/B = 10dB]
<0.6uV BLU, <5.0uV AM. - Frequency coverage:
Continuous 1Hz tunable from 100Khz to 30Mhz - Double conversion design:
1st IF: 101.8MHz, 2nd IF: 1.4Mhz. - Filters:
3.4Khz USB,LSB 6.0Khz AM 150, 300, 750, 3000Hz CW - BFO:
Tunable from -7.99KHz to +7.99KHz. _ Memory:
100 channels. - Remote control:
RS232 and IEEE488. - Optional cards:
ISB output, F1 demodulation, IF Rejector, VLF Head. - Other option:
RS232 to 20mA loop converter.


Front view
Upper viewUpper view
Front Face (UK)Front Face (FR)
Front Face (241)Front Face (proto)
Rear viewRear view
Face SlotCPU Card
Dial cardPower Supply
Synthetizer card - 1Synthetizer card - 2
HF head cardPreselector card
1.4Mhz Filter cardIF & BF card
BFO cardF1 Card
VLF head cardRS232 with Modem

Last revision: 2006/11/12