Technical data

The TRC-230 is a 1.2Mhz to 30Mhz HF multicoupler made in the 80's. It allows coupling of up to ten HF receivers to a single antenna.
Its input circuitry provides protection under high ambient RF field conditions (50V) or from strikes (150V/150uS).
A high pass filter rejects frequencies under 1.2Mhz with a 60dB attenuation at 500Khz.

The first amplifer stage uses two BFT51 and two hybrid coupling transformers (a coaxial transmission line wrapped inside a ferrite pot core).
Last stage is designed around a dedicated thomson power transistor which drives all the low impedance outputs.
The ouput BNC connector includes a switch that load the output when the receiver is not connected.
Everything is powered by a 22V internal power supply or by an external 24V battery.


Multicoupler front view Multicoupler rear view
Multicoupler upper view Multicoupler bottom view

Last revision: 05/04/2005