Technical data

The SAGEM SPE5A is similar to the SPE5 electro-mechanical model but it uses silicium 2N2907 transistors in place of the germanium TGN-A and TGN-B that were previously used. It's a famous teletype used by the French PTT operated TELEX networks. The 'E' letter stands here for 'electronic'.

This model evolved from the fully mechanical SP5 one to become an electro-mechanical device using dedicated germanium transistors.
It can work on either 50Bd or 75Bd speed by modifying the gearing.
Tape Reader and Tape Puncher units can be seen on the left and right side.

The unit pictured here (dated 1972) is the one using the external -48V supply box unit which also allows for the line testing and local echo.
A local power supply was later added.


Last revision: 02/28/2011