Technical data

RR-117 unit was designed in the 80's by ESD - Electronic Serger Dassault - to be used as a NBC alert receiver.
It operates in the 50Mhz band - 47 to 56 Mhz - with odd 100Khz steps and NBFM modulation.
A digital squelch allows for receiving selective alerts. It powered by a 6V AA46A battery.

RRVP-5 was the reference for the RR-117A unit with it AD112A vehicle mounting.
RRPP-3 indicates the RR-117A standalone receiver with its AN-132 antenna and the AA-46A battery.


RR-117B in its AD-112A mounting
AD-112A mounting
RR-117B digital squelch setting

Last revision: 2008/06/17