16F84 PIC controlled TTY Terminal


  • Schematic
  • Software

  • Pic16F84 binary (HEX file)

  • Sources not yet available ...

    Detailed documentation available soon ...


    This device has been designed as a stand alone RTTY monitoring terminal that can be connected to any receiver that provides a RS-232 RTTY output. Its small footprint allows two of them to be integrated inside a 1U rack panel. It can be itself connected to another terminal thanks to a RS-232 pass-through design.

    The following parameters can be configured using 4 push buttons:
    - Speed: 45,50,75,110 and 300 Baud
    - Data: 5, 7, 8 bits
    - Code: TELEX or ASCII
    - Shift: Normal, Upper on Shift, Force figure
    - Other: Start of message (ZCZC) signal


    Our prototype