A Temex Rubidium Frequency standard


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  • Pic16F628A binary
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    A few years ago, I found a nice LPFRS 10Mhz rubidium clock for a few bucks on eBay.

    One day I decided to house it in an old HP Tape unit box.
    All parts will happily fit in that box:
    - a 24V switching unit on bottom case,
    - a PIC controller PCB on the front case,
    - a 4 way splitter on back,
    - the LPFRS bloc inside together with a huge cooler.
    Here the PIC controller monitors the rubidium status.


    Frequency Standard in an old HP case
    Frequency Standard PIC Controller board
    Frequency Standard PIC Controller installed
    Frequency Standard Splitter
    The 24V switching power supply takes place under this separation board.
    The Temex rubidium bloc will just fit on that board with an old XEON passive cooler screwed on it.
    LPFRS and power supply
    Frequency Standard running

    Last revision: 18/05/2012