16F84 PIC Centronics to Serial converter


  • Schematic
  • Software

  • Pic16F84 binary - 4800Bds (HEX file)
  • Pic16F84 binary - 9600Bds (HEX file)
  • Details

    This device has been designed to add a serial RS-232 output to my Telereader CD-670 decoder. It takes the Centronics output data and send it to a 4800 Bauds 8 bits RS232 serial output.
    A small modification has to be made on the CD-670 main printed board to power the converter from the printer connector: pin 13 which is normally not connected has to be wired to the 5V main board supply. The PIC is clocked using a 3.579545Mhz Xtal in order to get the 4800 Bauds speed.


    Our prototype