NRD535 Remote Control Software


  • NRD535 Remote Control Software V1.3.6 (Full distribution)

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    This software allows your PC to control the Japan Radio Communications NRD535 receiver. It has been designed in such a way that all functions can be activated directly from the keyboard saving thus a lot of time and manipulations.

    It allows to:
    - Connect through any local serial port (COM1 to COM8),
    - Drive the main receiver command: frequency, mode, filters, agc, noise blanker and attenuator,
    - Display in real time any receiver setting modification,
    - Display the current frequency bandplan,
    - Display wellknown frequency identifications,
    - Automatically selects the appropriate filter bandwith and detection mode,
    - Import frequencies files,
    - Set current frequency from any number pasted in the clipboard,
    - and many other functions I will let you discover ...

    This application has been written in Visual Basic language.


    I have not find enough time to write a good documentation. However a quick help windows can be displayed by using the 'F1' key.


    Screen shot of the RxScan Application

    Last revision: 23/05/2004