IRC Frequencies monitoring bot software - Version 2


  • IRCMon Software V2.0.6 (Full distribution)  All the required files and the setup program
  • IRCMon Software V2.0.6 (Light distribution)  Only the application files
  • ChangeLog  Changes made in the last version

  • The 'lite' distribution requires you manually register the receiver driver DLL by using the 'regsvr32 ReceiverCtl.dll'. You may also have to download some common generic Microsoft such as MsComm32.ocx and MsWinSck.ocx.

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    This software allows your receiver to be automatically updated with the last frequency that has been extracted from any IRC channels, mainly the '#monitor' or the '#wunclub' dedicated channels.

    It allows to:
    - Display and save all the channel messages,
    - Display the JOIN/QUIT commands,
    - Display and store the frequencies find in the messages,
    - Link one receiver to each channel,
    - Send the last found frequency to receiver linked to that channel,
    - Send message text selected mode or frequency to receiver using just one double click,
    - Send text messages to the channel or to any current user,
    - Open an URL in your default navigator with just a double click,
    - Send current receiver frequency and mode to the channel or to any current user,
    - Keep an history buffer with the last 8 messages send,
    - One or more instances to be run with their own parameters.

    This application has been written in Visual Basic language using the RxControl dedicated receiver driver DLL.


    The 'IRCMon.exe' can be launch with the '-clean' line parameter to clean the registry related keys and values.


    Using IRCMon2Using IRCMon2
    With no receiversWith receivers
    Selecting receivers

    Last revision: 2011/04/10