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  • IRD-2600 Control Software V0.8.2 (Full distribution)  All the required files and the setup program

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    This software allows your PC to control up an IRD-2600 DVB-S unit.


    Run the application and click on the communication port panel to get the configuration windows.
    - Start with the SHIFT key pressed to display the configuration panel.
    - Click on any configuration line to send the corresponding parameters to the IRD.
    - Click on 'input' panel to change it.
    - Click on 'scan' panel to start a scan.
    The IRD2600 internal scan cannot be used due to a firmware bug - at least on my unit - so a 1MHz step scanning as been implemented.
    It can takes as long as a quarter of an hour to scan the full european Ku band.
    Transponders data is then saved in a CSV format ('frequency;polarisation;symbolrate;') under the 'data' directory in files named upon the scanned satellite position (ie: 26.00E.csv).


    Main windows
    Configuration windows
    Scanning windows

    Last revision: 2016/06/27