HP8656A Remote Control Software


  • HP8656A Control Software V1.1.0 (Full distribution)  All the required files and the setup program

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    This software allows your PC to control the HP-8656 frequency generator through its HPIB bus.
    It requires a GPIB card and the GPIB National Instrument drivers been installed on the control system.


    Run the application and select the 'config.' button to set the GPIB parameters.
    The 'HP8656.exe' can be launch with the '-clean' line parameter to clean the registry related keys and values.
    Nothing is send to the frequency generator until the 'ON' button is pressed.
    Take care that the HP8656 is a listener so we are not able to read its current setting when starting up.


    Screen shot of the HP-8656 Application

    Additional Notes

    A software sweeping function has been implemented with a minimal delay (120ms) which may not be enough to allow stabilization of the frequency parameters. Technical manual states that the required time may vary from 120ms to more than 1s.

    Last revision: 2006/07/29