Diseqc Motor Controller


  • Schematic (Controller part 1)
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    Using an arduino Nano V3 card, this controller has been designed to drive an any Diseqc 1.2 compatible HH motor.
    It includes the following features:
    - Two positionning mode can be defined: - Manual with 0.1 steps and satellites name displayed on knwon positions,
    - Memorized with 80 E/W named positions,
    - Two driving mode can be selected:
    - Master mode with the controller handling postionning, LNB power, polarisation and band selection,
    - Slave mode with the controller handling positionning on request and being off line at any other time.
    The receiver is connected accordingly to the coaxial line (isolated through a capacitor or switched on/off the line).
    - Elevation is computed in real time from local position while absolute position is displayed, - Motor status is monitored using a MAX 44282F current sensor allowing for accurate position timings.


    Motor Current sensor

    Last revision: 24/03/2014